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Losing it

I made a bet yesterday with one of my girlfriends back in Boston:  If I don’t lose 10 pounds in the next 30 days, I will pay her a stupid amount of money.  Now it’s not impossible, it’s just a little over 2 pounds a week.  Exercise more; eat less.  I totally get it.

Except midlife means that I am now, also, MIDDLE AGE. Yikes.  WHAT DOES THAT MEAN I DO NOT LIKE IT.  Well, friends, it means a few things, including: not weighing what you once did 20 years ago.  Oh and it also means you look like one of your parents– so stop denying it.  And it’s not that we don’t want to look like our mothers or fathers because they are ugly or anything.

WE don’t want to look like them because then we see ourselves in them,  we actually see ourselves in them and that means we are old.  And no one wants to be considered old.  It is OK to be old, you just don’t want anyone to consider you old.

When my parents were my age, I thought they were super old.  Hell, I thought my parents were super old when they were 35.  I remember going roller skating with my parents and my dad fell and I thought for sure that he broke every bone in his body and would die on the spot, at the roller rink.   He didn’t.  He just got up and kept skating to THE BEST SONG EVER.

So it kind of makes you think, maybe its not all doom and gloom.  Maybe I will fall, but maybe if I do win my bet (and I plan on it!) and lose the 10 pounds, I will be able to throw on my Pink Suede Roller Skates, fall, get right back up and not break a bone or die.

Then I will really be my parents.

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